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What You Need To Know About the Academy Museum

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is slowly becoming a reality. This is especially with a renowned architect known as Renzo Piano being behind it. A budget of $388 million will help make the museum great. Below is what you need to know about the Academy Museum.

The Academy museum is not only a museum. Los Angeles is known to breath the film industry. The Museum is crafted and designed in line with the arts and culture of L.A. The Academy Museum is meant to enclose the 1000 seat Geffen Theater. The Academy Museum is designed for movie premieres, performances, screenings, and many other events. It is also expected to have a viewing platform that is spacious to have a great view of the Hollywood Hills. Of the six floors, two of those will have a permanent collection of the film memorabilia. The other space will have exhibits and installations that are ever changing. There will be halls that are set aside for dynamic interactive exhibits, lectures and smaller screening. There will also be a restaurant, a museum shop and an interactive education studio.

The Academy Museum is not only a new construction but a work of restoration. It offers an opportunity to honor past and build the future. Builders and designers are working hard to ensure restoration of the Old Mary Company Building. This way you will get an accurate representation of the original glory of the building especially on the outside. The interior details of the building have been lost even before the beginning of the project. However, builders and restoration experts have worked hard towards recreating the iconic gold foil mosaic of the exterior of the building.

There are a lot of big names behind the Academy Museum. This is not a surprise considering that the building is built by people who give the Oscars. The significant board of trustees as well as names such as Tom Hanks, Bob Iger and Annette Bening. There are big names on the board of trustees like Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and Paramount Pictures CEO Jim Gianopulos and others. Also, countless institutions from the world are waiting in anticipation for the pieces begin to mesh.

The Academy Museum offers something for everyone. It is expected to have costume design, picture technology, makeup and hairstyling, ephemera and much more.The Academy Museum is expected opening soon. It has been a project since 2012. Fundraising efforts have been taking place for years. The construction is almost coming to a close. The Museum is planned to be opened in mid-2019 if all goes as planned.

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